SENSO Dark Grey Modern Scandinavian 3 Seater Sofa


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The SENSO 3 seater sofa is the perfect deal between style and small budget.

This sofa features a very refined Scandinavian design: its wooden legs combine harmoniously with its dark coloured fabric and the buttons on the backrest provide it with a very worked touch. Moreover, this sofa is practical: its backrest can be lowered to transform into a 2 persons bed.

This strong>convertible sofa will easily blend in a small interior, as well as a large living-room: its style is adaptable to any type of interior.

This sofa is also available in white.Total dimensions : L180 x H82 x P90 cm
•     Seating dimensions : L180 x P56 cm
•     Seating height from the ground : 42 cm
•     Height of the legs : 20 cm
•     Diameter of the leg : Haut 5 cm bas 3 cm
•     Legs material : Bois naturel
•     Coating : Fabric
•     Parcel dimensions : L186 X P115 X H21 cm
•     Parcel weight : 32 kg
•     Dimensions bedding : 180 x 110 cm
•     Maximum load weight : 300 kg
•     Seating density : 50 kg/m3
For the wooden parts: use a specific wood nourishing product from time to time.

For the fabric parts: simply use a soft cloth or a hovver to dust.

To remove stains, use a cloth and soapy water.

Never use an abrasive sponge that could damage the microfibre, nor corrosive household products.